Be Careful of who you Call your  Mentor!  

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The worst set of people are those whom the world perceive as angels whereas they are demons actually. These people pretend to be very nice, and watching them from afar you’d be convinced that they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Unfortunately, these wicked ones are anything else but evil. They only surround themselves with hopeless people, desperados who are easily controlled and too gullible and hopeless to be able to speak up against oppression.

Be careful of that man or woman who you look up to as “mentor” because s/he could be evil. You’d be enslaved by them by the time you get closer!

Unfortunately, there are many of such wicked people in Nigeria. They are what I like to call “money miss road” because they do have some #change and influence, but choose to use their privileged positions to oppress those under them all while pretending to be angels to the rest of us. Be weary of them!!

These set of people are hypocritical as well. They openly criticise public servants, talking about how they are bad leaders and all other arrant nonsense. Sadly, gullible people fall for their bull crap and idolise them. But guess what, they (the pretentious critics)  aren’t any better when it comes to leadership. If given the opportunity, they would do worse than the politicians. As a matter of fact, these wicked and hypocritical so called “advocates” treat those in their inner circles like sub humans. How can you dare to talk about good leadership when you treat those directly under you like animals? 

It’s time to beware of these so called advocates who are nothing but evil; going right against everything they preach. And here is the truth- I am sorry for anybody who idolise those touting themselves as saviours of Nigeria whereas they are the true causes of the problems bedeviling the country…

#Lyingadvocates #BeWearyOfYourMentors

~Emmanuel Abara Benson 


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