Seeing is not believing?

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“I don’t believe it!” he screamed.

That was Mazi Udendu, who he stared in utter bewilderment as he struggled to come to terms with the fact that his wife was wife naked in bed with another man.

For a while, the rumour had swirled about his wife’s promiscuous ways. Some of the rumour mongers even tried to warn him, telling him about the many nights different male voices were heard moaning in his bedroom. But he chose not to believe any of these. He trusted his wife too much,and that was the reason why he felt comfortable enough leaving her home alone while he pursued business outside of the city; days on end.

But unknown to him was the fact that his wife was indeed getting some pleasure in his absence. You see, Mazi Uchendu was a man with a peculiar sexual weakness! The problem is such that even when he was around, his lovely, young wife could not feel his presence in the bedroom. Consequently, his woman preferred his absence and would always long for those days he was away so she could have one of her many lovers over…

Meanwhile, as the rumours continued to spread about her infidelity, Mrs Uchendu devised a new and convenient way to get it with her lovers — hotels. The plan worked for a while until the nosey people (who wouldn’t let her be great) became aware of the new arrangement. So, they found out about  the rendezvous and relayed the information to her husband. And even though the man continued to disbelieve them, they remained relentless. These people ensured to relay every single detail of the woman’s “sexcapades” to her husband. And a time did come when the rumours got to him. But he told them that seeing is believing. In other words, they should show him evidence and not just rumours.

To prove themselves right, the rumour mongers plotted to set Mrs Uchendu up by availing her husband all the details about the day and time she usually met up with her lovers at the hotel. The man then pretended as if he was embarking on one of his long journeys, only to hang around somewhere in town. On that faithful day, he barged into the hotel and coerced the receptionist to release information about the room where his wife was lodging with another man. It as he eventually broke into the room  and caught the lovers red-handed that he began saying “I don’t believe it…”

Before long, a small crowd had gathered to watch as the drama unfolded. And while they busied themselves cursing/berating the woman whilst taking pictures of her and her lover, Mazi Uchendu just stood there speechless.


He still could not believe what he had just seen. yet, he knew that seeing is believing after all.


~Emmanuel Abara Benson 


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