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I was having such a good time with some friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. You know how it is when you are overjoyed and excited  just wishing the moment never ends? That’s exactly how I felt that day. It was my birthday, and my friends were making it memorable for me. The day long event ended at a Lagos beach where we drank liquor and did other unmentionables. And then the night came just as trouble loomed.


I was almost tipsy by the time we were leaving the beach. Now I usually don’t drink much, but  I did let myself indulge that particular day because aside it being my birthday,  it’s not all the time you get the spend the day with almost all of your favourite people in the world; no? Anyway, I got drunk and could literarily not wait to get to my bed and kiss it all night. As the speed boat transported us across the ocean to the mainland, the rain began to fall and all around us was just the water and darkness. And in the midst of this rather unfortunate circumstance, the boat suddenly stopped. It was like a nightmare, a really bad one! And then my heart sank with fear. You see… I never really had a good relationship with water because I almost [once] drowned in a swimming pool at my Alma Marta. Meanwhile, much earlier on in life I also almost drowned in a water tank while doing what I can’t remember. So I never had a cordial relationship with water except drinking it and perhaps standing by its shores at the beach. You can then imagine my predicament after the boat broke down in the middle of the ocean with nothing but darkness and roaring waves around us Scary stuff!

Before I knew it the tipsiness disappeared. I was so wide-eyed coffee wouldn’t have had a better effect on me. What to do…swim to shore? Laughable. My mind raced in different directions. I wondered if I was going to die that night. What a sad way to die, I thought. Can you imagine drowning while some ugly fishes surround and wait for you to die? Holy Kadarshian! That had to be my scariest moment in life, and I swear I didn’t handle it well at all.
Everyone was yelling at the boatman. “Get us the hell away from here! ” they screamed. Somebody even said he would tell his “daddy“; like the funniest thing to say in the middle of a major crisis. It turned out my friends were just as scared as I was. Nobody had time for macho stuff at the moment. Nobody wants to die as they say!

As I sat there drenched in the rain water with the wind starting to slightly toss the vessel, I began to think about all the books I’ve read about ship wrecks. Would I end up like Robinson Crusoe or would a fish make me dinner for the night? Those are hard things to think about. I shivered (both with fear and cold) as everyone else panicked and the boatman tried to restart the engine. But each time he tried the stupid engine would make one annoying sound and then silence. This madness kept up for a moment until the engine made one awful sound and then started. And without even waiting to ensure it actually did start, the man zoomed off.


I can’t even describe the haste with which everyone jumped off the useless boat the moment we got ashore. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those friends of mine ended up giving testimonies in their churches, after all a miracle happened to us; no? Well if your answer is “no” you are just as right because this story is one of my attempts at fiction. Lol

~Emmanuel Benson


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