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Let’s speak clear- working out is hard. This is especially so when you have to do it the first time and need to get it right. All that squatting and stretching, pressure on the joints and what have you…aerobics? They all have a way with discomfort! A famous American singer (who looks great by the way) once declared “I hate working out! I mean I’d rather sleep in my bed than go jogging…” Yeah that’s how stressful all that yoga poses and press ups can be. But as bad as it may be, you will agree that people who consistently abide by the good lifestyle of exercising live healthier while looking good at it. That’s right; all that sweats do pay- with abs to die for and hour glass figures.

But this is not a post about exercise and healthy living. Instead, it is about endurance. You might have been in a circumstance where your patience almost snapped and you felt really frustrated… Well that’s the way of life and we all do feel that way every now and then. I have felt that way through most of my adult life. And you know one thing it taught me has been how much endurance pays.


Now this is not to sound sanctimonious or even motivational ’cause that could be boring. But I guess there is no how that could  be avoided when talking endurance . So here we go- the ability to endure hardship is one vital attribute that helps humans get through life. I bet we all already know that. Unfortunately, for an [obvious ] reason nobody wants to endure anything; I mean that shit is hard, right? Pardon my French by the way. But it’s really hard to be in a fix and not be able to help yourself. It’s hard to want something and not have it and yet be extremely patient for a long time. It’s difficult to see others have the same thing you need/want and only to be hopeful that perhaps someday it would be your turn. But here is the good part- endurance helps us focus on the things that we need to accomplish till we actually  accomplish them. Just like we endure the pain of exercise so we can burn all those calories and live healthy and fancy lives, so does enduring the hard times (while being optimistic ) help us  get things done and be happy.


Often times as creative people, we have it rough trying to break through. Most times you can even  become so disappointed and frustrated to the extent of just wanting to give it all up. And there is more- sometimes you may even give up; that happens. But here is the message – you don’t have to. You see…you are not the first [aspiring] singer/songwriter, actor, model or writer who have been in that position. You are definitely not the first inventor who got frustrated in the attempt to show the world the good things you got to offer. Examples are riff and I cannot mention them all. However, the point is for you to always bear in mind that you will have the last and loudest laugh while telling your story for the inspiration of those coming after you.

By the way this was meant to inspire you and perhaps [not] sound all so boring…

~Emmanuel Benson


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