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the car

When he came to, it was nearly an hour after the armed robbers left. His head was spinning, and for some split seconds he could not recall what had happened. And then he turned around and saw lying still right beside him. Her face was frighteningly pale and a pool of blood had formed around her. Laolu’s heart skipped beats at the sight of this just as he jerked himself into action only to feel the pain right through his body. Dizzy, he collapsed right back to the floor, crawling closer to the woman as he stretched out his hand and felt her pulse. Her body was still and there was no pulse. She was dead, killed by the deadly impacts/trauma to her brain…


The bad guys mingled right back with society. The following day (as the story of what had happened splashed across various papers), they stood in newsstands and discussed it. No one ever suspected them because as far as those who knew them could tell, they were decent men with families of their own and legit sources of income. It is this deceptive lifestyle that contributed to their elusiveness to the authorities. Unfortunately, they were already on to their next target; a Canadian-based medical professional who was coming to Lagos for his lavish wedding to the daughter of a senator. They knew he was coming back to the country with valuable items worth several thousands of dollars, including the very expensive wedding ring. They also knew that he would be staying in a mansion at Ajao Estate. They were determined not to mess up with the mission, and nothing was going to stop them, they resolved.

The criminals attacked the wealthy neighborhood the very night their suspect got into the country. The robbery was initially successful just as they planned until everything suddenly turned in their disfavor- for good! They were headed to their car to flee when a retired military officer (who lived in a nearby compound) opened fire at them. The gun battle lasted a few minutes before the bad guys managed to escape on foot, leaving their vehicle behind.
By the following morning, the army general took upon himself to find the criminals and deal with them as appropriate. He got the police seriously vested in the issue who in turned tried effortlessly to trace the criminals. They tried to use information from the abandoned car which led to dead ends. And just then the neighborhood security made it their mission to find the bad guys. They deflated the tyres of the car and kept constant watch over it even as an instruction was given by the retired general to arrest anyone who came for it. But it wasn’t until three weeks later that someone did come for it. He was one of the bad guys, a respectable-looking gentle man who first spent a few minutes walking around the vehicle, seemingly observing the damage done to it. Unknown to him, he was being monitored. And the moment he opened the car, he was swamped by the neighborhood vigilante who first of all beat him to submission before tying him up and later handing him over to the police. He would later give off information pertaining to his colleagues, who were arrested one after the other and brought to justice; the Nigerian way!

~Emmanuel Benson


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