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A blast of cold air to my face… That’s the last thing I remember as I  walked into the banking hall before everything went blank. The next thing I knew was waking up in a crowded hospital Ward two days later with a bandage on my neck which hurt. I had narrowly escaped death after a bullet hit my neck during what was a major bank robbery!

That day had begun like any normal day, and feeling overjoyed  by the salary I had received the previous day I went to the bank (on my way to work) to carry out  a quick transaction. Little did I imagine I would be walking into a dangerous situation; so bad to the extent  that I almost lost my life. After I recovered from that experience, I  completely changed my perspective on life. And whenever I am asked what I am grateful for, my response is quick and clear- I am grateful for life…

The story above is a fiction by yours truly intended to  buttress this little expose on gratitude. Indeed, there are many number of things we should be grateful for in this life. But with all the sad things happening around us, we often forget to show gratitude for the good things happening as well . Therefore this is a lesson on gratitude and I shall be hinting on the simple and even ridiculous  reasons why we should be grateful at all times.


I for one am grateful for life/good health, and for the opportunity to be happy in life despite all the bad rubbish that go wrong right around me. I am grateful for love; for the warmth it brings and the romance/pleasure too. For the opportunity to eat hot noodles on a cold rainy night I am grateful. For the morning sun that glows on my skin after a cold harmattan night I am grateful. My gratitude knows no bounds! For the food that nourish my body I am full of thanks. For the water that is life, the air and the trees… For friends that make me laugh out loud and even for the haters that give me quite the Muse! LOL:)  And for the intuition that informs my decisions and the human inkling that keeps me away from harm I am grateful.


I am grateful! For the moon and the stars, for the sound of music and the rhythm at parties… I am grateful for the ability to know and advance myself in knowledge , for the academic process that empowers me to explore new areas… For the books I have read and for the internet. Oh! how I am grateful for the internet; it is indeed the best thing that has happened to me since the telephone and slice bread! I am grateful for Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Oh! my world; how I love to tweet and to read tweets from others. And by the way, Google makes my world go round as I’m sure it does yours. WordPress? Oh! my WordPress


What are you grateful for? This is one question you should definitely ask yourself and never hesitate to answer!

~Emmanuel Benson



2 thoughts on “LESSON ON GRATITUDE

    MakeItUltra™ said:
    April 4, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Excellent post 👌🏽


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