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Cynthia knocked on the door of her brother’s apartment later that evening, surprising him with an unexpected visit. And as he opened the door and welcomed her, he could immediately sense that something was off. She wasn’t her usual self- the constantly pleasant sister who had a ready smile and acted graciously. Instead of her trademark warmth she gave him that despicable and vicious look one only gives his enemy. The young man was a little taken aback by this, thinking perhaps she already knew that he impregnated a girl. How would he explain that!

Cynthia was utterly cold. She made deriding comments about John being self-conceited, only caring about himself and less about others. Before he could explain how busy he had been all week, she dismissed him and complained instead about her tiredness.
“I’d like to sleep over at your place if that wouldn’t be much of a burden. Don’t worry I will be gone early the next morning, leaving you and your fancy apartment…and of course your suspicious lifestyle!” she told him.

John was bothered by those remarks and overall strange behaviour. But he chose not to press the issue. He offered her something to eat which she declined. He then put her in his guestroom and left her there to overcome her demons. All the while he had no idea what happened earlier that day between his sister and the “woman of God”. He had no idea someone was deliberately messing with his life.

Several hours later as he slept soundly in his room, John was awakened by the sound of someone trying to open that door to his bedroom. He sat up in his bed feeling drowsy as he listened. As just then the door flung open and the switch clicked on. As light flooded the room he was surprised to see Cynthia dashing towards him with a kitchen knife in her hand. It was very strange  to the young man to see his sister lurking towards him, knife in grips and with the uttermost intent to kill. It was such a surreal moment, totally unbelievable and shocking. And before he could decide on what to do, Cynthia was aiming at him, striking the knife which he tried to doge. But he was unlucky as the knife slashed his shoulder. He dived off the bed even as Cynthia was all over him in no time, stabbing him again in the head. He groaned in pain as he managed to punch her in the face, temporarily disorienting her. He then stood up and rushed for the door. But before he could escape, Cynthia threw the knife at him and the sharp metal narrowly escaped piercing his back. But he fell forwards and was up as he staggering down a corridor that led to the sitting room, all the while wishing he could awake from the nightmare. But it wasn’t a nightmare. It was more like a very bad horror film in which a good man is stuck alone with a vicious, knife-wielding murderer.

He had to escape from the house! He had to be as far away from the sister as possible. This was the thought on his mind as he staggered to the open yard and towards the gate. He kept moving in the dark until he began to gasp for breath, felt dizzy and finally collapsed by the roadside. He had lost quite some blood and needed help. Luckily for him, the neighborhood vigilante found him on time and quickly rushed him to the hospital where he was given treatment.


Three days later Cynthia was arrested in Lagos. And after writing a statement and disclosing what informed her dastardly action, everyone that heard was dumbfounded. John was particularly astonished when he later spoke to his sister at the police station. The so called woman of God was indeed an evil bitch who used to lecture at the university John attended. The reason she was bent on messing up the young man’s life with her false prophesies was because he single-handedly brought her career at the university to an end! John discovered [through painstaking investigations] that Dr. Chidinma Obi was in the habit of intentionally failing students with the intention of “keeping them from becoming proud”! She did it for the Lord; to draw the students closer to him while encouraging them to shun pride, be humble and put all their hopes/trust in God.

The scale of this atrocity was so much because the woman did not only fail students who sat for the course she lectured, but had also found a way to alter marks awarded by other lecturers. Her cup [however] got filled after she manipulated John’s scores. He immediately knew something was wrong. But having no evidence to support his claims he resorted  to investigate the matter by himself; and that exactly he did. It was a difficult thing to pin the woman down but he succeeded eventually. And that led pastor Chidinma being forced to resign or face disgrace. She didn’t like the outcome of the entire thing; little wonder she set out to inflict maximum damage (the best way possible) when Cynthia came along with her spiritual needs!

John recovered from the knife stabs and Cynthia was also let out of prison. And just then pastor Chidinma’s woes began…

~Emmanuel Benson


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