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“A photo of two geese sharing a parting kiss has been claimed as the most moving moment of the beginning of the year since it was posted on Sina Weibo by @Shenzhenlikuan on Valentine’s Day.

The photo showed a male goose who appears to be kissing a female goose, which was put on the back of a motorcycle and believed to be taken away by the motorcycle driver. However, netizens did not know the destiny of the two geese until the owner admitted that the two were slaughtered for meals on Tuesday.

The owner told the China News Service that the two geese grew up together and were never separated from each other. The female goose was sent to the owner’s relatives as a Spring Festival gift, while the male goose, who always bit the family dog, was finally slaughtered.”


I’ve always been bad at parting ways. Whether it is for the good or bad, I make a mess of it. If I am parting ways with someone on a bad note I do it in such a way as to never meet again; taking my annoyance to all new heights and making it clear that it is over and all feelings severed for good. On the other hand, if I am [unfortunately] being separated by a loved one for any reason, it usually always is an emotional experience for me. I find it hard to bear, knowing that I will never share fond memories with them for a while or even ever.
That is why the story of the geese above touched my heart in a special way. It made me remember one of the saddest and weirdest goodbye moments of my life. It was early 2013 and I had just finished camping at Isiele-Ukwu, Delta for my NYSC. Earlier on during the camping I had applied for redeployment to Ibadan, thinking I could not cope in the new place. But then I was wrong because by the second week the experience was turning out to be my best ever; I had met wonderful people, shared the fondest of memories and was regretting ever applying to be redeployed. And that is why the morning of my last day of camping was an emotionally-charged one. As we all sang and prayed, wishing each other well, I sat at a corner of the big hall and cried. It was weird, but there was a reason for my emotional outbreak- the challenge of parting ways with so many great friends all at once was just too much to bear.
Indeed, goodbyes (or #badbyes as the case may be) are hard to say. It is one of the things most people try as much as possible to avoid. Yet it is inevitable. The important thing though is that goodbyes are for the better. Whether you are leaving a bad relationship to find succor elsewhere or you are temporarily being separated by a lover seeking greener pastures in Norway, it is meant for the better as someone or both parties stand(s) to benefit. And this is why it is important to never allow one’s emotions/attachments to completely overwhelm them during such circumstances.
So have you ever parted ways with a loved one or even a detractor? What was your experience like? Feel free to share your experiences…
~Emmanuel Benson

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