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Teju worked as a room service attendant at the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island when she met her rapist. It was the year 2001, and she had just graduated as a Linguist and was eager to earn her own money instead of depend on her wealthy stepmother. So she took up the job and was happy working it. But barely three months afterwards as she walked into a luxury suite to serve breakfast in bed to a high profile businessman was she confronted with the worst crime that any woman could deal with.

Sholanke stared at the young woman as she busied herself readying the breakfast on his bed (beside him) just as he had wanted it. He was a wealthy man, used to getting whatever he wanted, however he wanted it and whenever he wanted it. So as he stared at the beautiful young woman he knew he could as well have her too without any form of consequences whatsoever. The lust in his groin was too much to control, so h stood impulsively, paced the floor for a while and then grabbed Teju just as she was about to leave the room. She was surprised by this, but then became shocked after he groped her ass cheeks carelessly. As she turned around to face him, he shocked her further by planting a hungry, messy kiss on her lips. She then pulled away from him, raised her right hand and slapped him right across the face. She was going to slap him the second time when he grabbed her hand, placed it on his erect manhood and then kissed her again. He then pushed her into the bed just as it dawned on Teju that she was about to get raped. She fought him, ferociously and with the determination to save herself. Her cherry was not for the taking by any privileged bastard. She would protect her womanhood even if it meant doing the unthinkable.

please stop the madness
Sholanke on the other hand was determined to have his way with her. For him, she was nothing but a little piece of pleasure. He had raped several other women before, and while almost all of them always protested, he succeeded in having his way with them all. Some of these were high profile women, so a little maid wouldn’t be much of a trouble to him. He liked the resistance though; it gave him the rush! So as Teju fought like a cat pouncing and clawing, Sholanke horniness went to all new heights and he quickly removed his pyjamas. He then came upon the young lady, terrifying her in all his glory. She screamed and tried as much as possible to escape, but he grabbed her by the neck and began to suffocate her. He was good at raping! Being a well-built man with muscles and strong bones, he could easily overwhelm two women and rape them one after the other. Teju was nearly no match for his strength and he knew it, and that was while he sent a punch to her forehead, knocking her out just as she sprawled out on the bed in defenseless submission.

He proceeded to tear off her clothes and then stared at her body lustfully and briefly. He was going to ravage her body in his animalistic ways and nothing would stop him. After he was done, he would tie her up in the toilet, check out of the suite and that would be it. So he kissed her again and then plunged in. the painful thrust reverberated through the girl’s body causing her to scream again. But he was soon suffocating her again by placing one hand across her mouth while the other one squeezed her neck. She was in agony, he was raping her. As she struggled for breath gasping and scratching, her hand accidentally touched the tray she had earlier set on the bed. Without thinking twice she groped around the tray, and luckily her hand was soon grasping a fork. She stuck the man who was pounding away on top of her, surprising/shocking him as the fork pierced his neck, sending pain through his body and causing screams to escape his mouth. She struck him again and this time on the ear, causing his tight grip on her to loosen instantly even as she pushed the man away ran towards the door, her hand still grasping the fork. But Sholanke was all over her before she could open the door. He was vicious this time. And his heavy punch had sent the girl reeling to the floor. But she stood up and ran towards him, striking the fork against his skin; continuously. She stabbed him forcefully, with all her strength and with the vengeful determination. Sholanke was shocked as the fork continued to pierce his chest, his face and just about anywhere the enraged girl could stab him. And as his flesh and bones broke, the blood gushed and life escaped from him. He could not even scream anymore; just shocked until he finally slumped to his feet. It was then Teju heard the sound of people pounding on the door.

By the time somebody eventually managed to break down the door and gained access to the suite, people that followed him in were surprised to find the naked young woman on her knees, covered in blood while staring at the equally naked, blood-covered and dead Sholanke. Teju still held on to the fork and her entire body was trembling with both rage and fear…


~Emmanuel Benson

*Story is fiction. Apologies for the strong language.

*All pictures have been sourced from the Internet

*No part of this publication may be copied without permission and proper referencing


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