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I was browsing through Instagram this morning looking for something beautiful to behold when I stumbled on this inspirational story. Behold a young mother of two- Olajumoke Orisaguna- who sold cheap bread on the streets of Lagos was coincidentally photographed by one of Nigeria’s foremost celebrity photographers and musician T.Y Bello. This happened during what was a street-themed photo shoot for a major lifestyle magazine in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Ms. Bello had then posted the chancy picture on the photo-sharing site, and in turn received a barrage of requests by fans to find the mysterious model. T.Y obliged the requests and had sent her assistant to search out the young woman. And after a brief but interesting search the young woman was found and made over for a major photoshoot. Her story would become part of the
# DisturbLagos editorial for the top fashion and lifestyle Nigerian magazine This Day Style. Who would have believed that Olajumoke, an uneducated hawker would have her life so transformed as to have a image as the cover for a prestigious magazine!


TY Bello, upon finding the latest model in town wrote excitedly-

So I found her…our beauty from the @tiniegram shoot and boy, have I got a fantastic story to share with you all! Right here is an amazing 27 yr mother of two, Jumoke Sunday with an incredible life story.”

And incredible is indeed what the young lady’s story had been. For one, she never considered herself as being able to one day feature in a major photoshoot even to the extent of outshining the focus person for which said photoshoot was intended. But coincidences do change lives for the better and today Olajumoke is a model!


The photographer, who has photographed virtually every mainstream Nigerian celebrity and even international superstars such as Beyonce Knowles and Arnold Schwarzenegger is determined to assist the young woman foster a modeling career. She has already demonstrated this willingness and determination by convincing the management of This Day Style to run the story.


~Emmanuel Benson
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