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Yvonne Nelson [the Ghanaian actress] has always been a special one. But this morning she is endearing herself to fans on a whole new level. The beautiful one posted a series of Snapchat videos to her Instagram page in which she displayed all kinds of funny characters to herself. According to her, she was stuck in traffic; something that happened all the time if you drive African roads though. Anyway, she decided to make the most of the stuck-up situation and now people are laughing out loud all thanks to her.


In one of the videos Yvonne is seen crying copious tears, apparently frustrated inside her car. The tears forms a river with golden fish and other water stuff (lol). She then stopped crying and smiles to the camera even as the tears stopp flowing only for her to start again on a whole new level of “tearfulness“. Funny stuff; I lolED so hard!
Please Check her Instagram page and watch the videos in order to understand what I mean…

Meanwhile another Nollywood actress interacting with her fans this morning is Kate Henshaw Nuttal. She has posted some clips of herself in a gym whooping that body of hers into shape. This is something she does every single morning by the way. No wonder she glows always in that killer body of hers.

Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw Nuttal looks so fab thanks to her constant workout sessions and healthy diet.

-Emmanuel Benson




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