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She always smiled a lot, but that morning there was no smile on her pretty face. Mayo was pregnant, and she hated who the father was.

A few weeks before the morning sickness began, she found herself in a horrendous situation that saw her raped by someone who should have protected her from such violence. He looked into her innocent, pretty eyes and found it irresistibly beautiful-enough to rape her. She was defenceless, he was ferocious. She was in pain while he was on top of the world. In a few minutes it was over. But that evil seed was sown. And in a few weeks time she was pregnant, an unexpected twist to her once happy childhood.

After the incident that changed her life, Mayo decided to wish it away. Nobody had to know, she told herself. She didn’t want to be blamed. A friend of hers who got raped the previous year was blamed for having those big breasts and enticing “hapless” men with it. Mayo had big sumptuous breasts and wide hips, and she didn’t want to be blamed for her own tragedy as her friend was blamed. So she kept it quiet until she became pregnant and had a bigger problem to handle-
how would she explain what had happened to anybody? Who would even believe her then? Those were the questions that ran through her mind as she nauseated that morning, tasting the bitter, soury waste regurgitating right from her guts. She was disgusted with herself, disgusted with the life growing inside of her and most definitely disgusted by that grown man who had held her against the bed, her face pressed hard against the sheets as his wicked passion devoured her innocence…

If only she never got pregnant! She would have protected herself from the shame she was about to face. The sad part was that no one would really believe her. First of all, the rapist was a respectable man; at least in the public’s eyes. Secondly he was long gone, far away in Mauritius where he held a big diplomatic post. Mayo would not only be called a whore, she would also be destroyed for daring to destroy “an innocent man” So in any case, she would have to handle the issue by herself. And doing just that was something she knew not how…

She was a young girl of sixteen years with her whole future before her. And while she was not innocent, the farthest she ever went was smooching a horny boy she had crushes on until he quivered and wet his pant. Initially she thought she’d hurt him, but when she saw the satisfaction in his eyes and realized what actually did happen she was so disgusted she simply walked away. That was the end of that romance! Unfortunately, she walked away from a lesser trouble into a bigger one. And this wouldn’t have been if her nosey uncle hadn’t had access to her phone and gone through her chat with a best friend in which she disclosed how Peter ejaculated just because she kissed him. The uncle read this message and emailed a copy to himself. And for the remaining days he stayed with Mayo’s family before he struck and left, he nursed his evil intention. He stared at her breasts just a little longer, desired her full lips doing different kinds of unmentionable things to him. All these while no one suspected what was going on. And then on that unfortunate day when no one was around but the poor girl, he surprised her with his knowledge of her little secret. She was astonished he ever knew, but even most astounded when he threatened to let her parents know unless she agreed to do to him what she had done to her crush. Mayo disagreed, but then she had no choice in the matter. He understood her predicament, so he struck like a hungry lion on a prey…

Now her life was on the verge of destruction. Who could save her?! She had to be in the university that September. But she couldn’t possibly go with a pregnancy. What could she do? Who could she talk to? Where would she begin from? Her mother would kill her. No one would believe her. Her life would be ruined, there would be shame!
So she went instead to her best friend. Cynthia would understand; after all she willingly lost her virginity a long time ago. She knew the business of man/woman affair.  Perhaps Cynthia could have a solution.

Well of course she did understand. And her solution was simple but risky- get rid of the baby! Cynthia knew something that would help with that- a horrible concoction it was. Once Mayo closed her nose and drank it, the baby would have no happy tummy to grow in. But the poor girl was scared. She feared there would be consequences. It couldn’t simply be as simple as Cynthia had described. But did she have an alternative?


Mayo did take the concoction, and that horrible mixture of herbs changed her life in more ways than she ever imagined!

~Emmanuel Benson
(Emmanuel is an aspiring novelist/screenwriter. He is currently working on scripts, eating fried rice and drinking mango juice. Contact him… *This story has been mostly fictionalized)


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