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Aspiring actress Mora’ fell in love with the wrong man and her life was almost ruined in the process. She trusted Nelson who promised to make her dreams come through. But carried away by the facade and romantic euphoria, she was unable to detect his devilish plans to manipulate, enslave and exploit her. Unfortunately, by the time his true self became manifest,it was already too late; she was too defenseless to protect herself from him. Entrapped she was…by the psychopath! Consequently, she experienced severe and torturous emotional trauma just as much as she experienced physical abuse. Could she ever be the same again?


Respite did come her way as Nelson suddenly up and left her. And a few days after he was gone she discovered she was pregnant with his child. It was a hard time, but she decided to keep the pregnancy. She worked several jobs while continuing to aspire to actualize until she eventually birthed the baby. But just as she was beginning to take charge of her life once again, Nelson resurfaced. This time around, he was more vicious than he had ever been…

Emmanuel Benson writes. Stay tuned to this blog for the rest of this story as it can be completed whenever.


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