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Child 44 is a mystery thriller (my favourite genre) based on Tom R. Smith’s novel of the same name. Screenplay was written by Daniel Espinoza, and the story tells about a series of child murders that occurred in 1950s Soviet Union under  Stalin’s autocracy. Everyone is in denial over the existence of the serial killer having been brainwashed by the government into believing   “that it is capitalism not communism which creates serial killers”- Wiki.

Written by Carlton Cuse and starring action star Dwayne Johnson, San Andreas is another film you must definitely see as soon as you can. The story goes this way- an earthquake devastates California and Ray Gaines (an LA Fire Department Rescue Plane Pilot) embarks on a dangerous mission with his wife out in San Francisco to rescue their daughter.


You may also like to check out “Tomorrowland”, “Mad Max”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “Blackhat”, and “The Age of Adaline”. I hope you enjoy…


-Emmanuel Abara Benson


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