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Undeniably, a good TV moment is fun for almost everybody.Little wonder in the entertainment capital of the world (Hollywood), this truism was recognized and taken advantage of a long time ago. As blockbuster films were made and continues to be made, chart-topping TV shows continue to be produced to match the delight the cinemas offer. In other words, the small screen is just as vibrant as the big screen, even as the Emmy is just as celebrated as the Oscars. Hence, major Hollywood stars such as Taraji P Henson and Kerry Washington have successfully made transitions from films to television.


Popular TV series such as EMPIRE and House of Cards have become international  sensations. More so, Shonda Rhymes is just enough heavy weight (on the TV side) as Steven Spielberg is on the big screen.

In all these beautiful developments, one thing that puzzles me is why same can be said for the industry supposedly the world’s second largest. Except for Sugar, Tinsel and perhaps occasional Super Story, which other Nigerian content really makes TV moment special in this country? Hardly any… The point therefore is the need for Nollywood to improve fast and diversify. TV channels need to also learn how to cater to the screen needs of their viewers by entering more into partnerships with Nollywood studios. But wait, we hardly have Nollywood studios in the real sense… Anyway, they need to partner with producers then to create very nice TV shows. We really need that right about now.

-Emmanuel Abara Benson


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